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Petzl "Newton " 2 Point "Modular" Fall Arrest Harness with Rear 'D' and Front Loops

Model:  Petzl Newton / 1PFAH-3038

Newton Harness
Optional Jak Vest
Optional Pad Fast Belt
Newton Harness
Jak Vest Pad Fast Belt
Optional Jak Pocket
Optional Lift Spacer
Optional Omni Karabiner
Jak Pocket Lift Spacer Omni Karabiner
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Optional Accessories ?
 Pad Fast Belt  (£ 57.08 ) 
 Jak Vest  (£ 27.50 ) 
 Jak Pocket  (£ 7.33 ) 
 Lift Spacer  (£ 77.92 ) 
 Omni Karabiner  (£ 24.17 ) 

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2 Point Modular Fall Arrest Harness with Sternal Connection and Back D-Ring. Complies to EN361.

This is the Basic Fall Arrest Harness from Petzl, It has two anchorage points, the sternal connection provided by the Karabiner joining the two loops, or the Rear D-Ring and complies with EN361.

  • Upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly
  • A sternal and a dorsal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system
  • Shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles
  • Two equipment loops with protective sheath
  • Work positioning on the lateral attachment points is possible with the PAD FAST waistbelt
  • Upright descent with the help of the LIFT spreader.

Sizing Chart

Size Waist Belt (cm) Leg Loops (cm) Height (cm)
Size 1 75-104 53-66 173-187
Size 2 97-125 55-75 180-195

Optional Accessories

Pad Fast Belt Lift Spacer
pad fast belt lift spacer

Work positioning waistbelt for Newton harness
Transforms the basic fall arrest harness into a work positioning and fall arrest harness. Comfortable for work positioning with the feet supported against a surface. Two lateral attachment points. FAST automatic buckle for easy and quick opening and closing without the need to readjust

Spreader for NEWTON harness allows upright descent (for confined spaces)
Triangular carabiners for easier insertion into harness slots. Rigid structure keeps its shape around the head. Weighs only 520g.

Omni Karabiner Jak Pocket
omni karabiner jak pocket

Locking semi-circle carabiner
Multi-directional carabiner for fastening the NEWTON and FALCON ASCENT harnesses by joining the two attachment points. Keylock system helps prevent snagging of the carabiner during maneuvers. Red indicator provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked.

Mobile Phone or Radio Pocket For "Jak" Jacket
Accessory pocket for Jak Vest, attaches with velcro fasteners.
Jak Vest
jak vest

Pre-shaped vest makes it easier to don the NEWTON harness
Keeps the shape of the harness, ready to don. Attaches to the harness with loops and Velcro patches. Made from a Breathable mesh fabric.

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