Tractel Restraint and Work Positioning Height Safety Kits

Quick Ref: CN-1545


Options at 1.75m or 2m scaff kit by Tractel.

Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyard Scaffolding Kit comprises of Tractel HT31 Harness and either a 1.75m lanyard or 2m Lanyard stitched on to the harness. 

Roofer Safety Kit.

Tractel 0408xx Roofer Restraint Height Safety Kit Contains : Tractel HT22 Harness, Stopfor ML 0,9 m, Rope mix 14mm, Connector M10, Combipro bag, Available in lengths of 10m, 15m, and 20m.

Pruning kit with safety harness.

Tractel Pruning Kit Contains : Safety harness, LCM03 3 40 jaw tensioning device on steel cable reinforced braided rope diameter 16mm, Rope mix 14mm, Stopfor ML 0,6m Manual fall prevention device, and Combipro bag. Available in 20 and 30m cable lengths.

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