Other Master Links / Master Rings

Master Links and Master Rings

The Master Links in this category do not simply fall under Grade's of 8 and 10

Other Master Links / Master Rings
Quick Ref: CN-1977


Master Links certified to EN1677-2.

These are available in the following link diameters /WLL:

16mm/4100kg, 22mm/8830kg, 22mm/5800kg, 25mm/8830kg, 28mm/14,500kg, 28mm/11,800kg, 32mm/17,100kg, 36mm/23,000kg, 40mm/28,100kg, 45mm/38,300kg, 50mm/45,000kg. 60mm/65,000kg, 70mm/85,000kg, 90mm/150,000kg.

Crosby Cold-Tuff Master Links.

The Crosby A342CT Cold-Tuff Master Links are manufactured from alloy Steel, quenched and tempered. A master link is commonly used as the top anchorage/connector on a chain sling though they are also used a stand-alone lifting connector. They are individually proof tested at 2 times Working Load Limit with certification. The finish is inorganic zinc primer. Individually serialized and all certification shipped with each link. COLD TUFF master links are suitable for use at -50 F.

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