Hand/Manual Chain Hoists. Top Hook Suspended : 500kg to 100t

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Block and Tackle, chain Block with upper swivel hook.

Chain Blocks are manually operated and otherwise known as a block and tackle or simply a chain block. Our Hook suspended hand chain hoists are a portable item of lifting equipment and can be supplied in capacities up to 100 tonne SWL. We blocks manufactured by leading top quality lifting equipment manufacturers including Yale Industrial Products, Tiger, Pfaff, Tractel, Ingersoll Rand, Hackett's and many more. Please feel free to contact our sales team if you need any assistance in choosing the best chain hoist to suit your lifting application.


Hand/Manual Chain Hoists. Top Hook Suspended : 500kg to 100t

Yale Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Yale provides a fantastic range of hand chain hoists based variations on two main range of  products, the Yale VS Plus hand chain hoists and the YaleLift 360 hand chain hoists. The VS plus has less options and is available from 500kg SWL through to only 5000kg and can only be supplied hook suspended. The VSPlus block and tackle is the work horse of the Yale lifting equipment range; it is excellent value for money while maintaining the typical quality we come to expect from Yale. The Yale Lift 360 however is available in many different configurations and can be supplied to our customers in a range rising from 500kg all the way to 20 tonne. The YaleLift360 has a hand chain guard that will rotate through 360 degrees, hence the name. This is a key safety feature meaning that the person operating the hoist can always find a safe location away from the load, to the side or above. Meaning that should there be an unforeseen accident and the load be released then the user would not be “in line” with the load, they would be in a position of safety. The YaleLift 360 can also be supplied Atex, spark resistance, inverted lifting and corrosion resistance. A truly versatile hoist range to serve the needs of heavy industry.

Tiger Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Tiger Hand operated Chain Blocks are manufactured from high quality steel and offered to our industrial and offshore customers as a quality manual lifting equipment system. They are lightweight though are still robust and an exceptionally strong hand chain hoist at a competitive price in the market place. The lifting hoist has been developed over many years putting stress on operator safety and hoist durability and this is where Tiger have succeeded. Tiger hand chain hoists meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence mining and also approved/certified to be used in deep coal mining, meeting the requirements of British Coal and commonly being used by the UK coal mining industry. The Tiger hand chain hoist is also extensively used in the Offshore Oil industry. All these industries operate in extreme environments where reliability and safety are very important and for this reason we at LiftingSafety are now selling the Tiger range of hand chain hoists. The Subsea range of Tiger ROV (Remote operated vehicle) hand chain hoist is totally unique in the lifting equipment industry having taken years to develop and having been approved for use by some of the world’s leading offshore oil and gas companies. To tiger the subsea hand chain hoist is now proven technology though as with all quality manufacturers continues to be re-developed to meet the needs of the offshore industry.

Tractel  Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

The Tractel Tralift range of hand chain hoists offer a great balance between quality and price, these are an industrial standard piece of lifting equipment at a competitive price though are a very popular piece of lifting equipment often the choice for our industrial customers all over the globe. Tractel are the manufacturer and they are an international lifting equipment manufacturer with an excellent reputation for producing top quality products. Used for lifting and positioning a load the Tralift robust designed range of hand chain hoists is offered on-line from 250kg SWL to 20 tonne capacity and all supplied with a swivel top hook assembly. The lifting hook has an overload deformation indicator and uses heavy duty bearings and we also offer a load limiter is required. We look forward to receiving your valued enquiry.

William Hackett Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

William Hachetts have been professional supplies for lifting equipment for well over a decade, one of their main lifting equipment range of products is the Hackett habd chain hoist avaliable here hook suspended up from 500kg capacity all the way to 20 tonne. Hackett’s hook suspended hand chain Hoist are a lightweight, compact and robust design with cast steel 'ribbed' safety catches. They feature Galvanised hand chain c/w unique chain joiner and Twin pawl mechanism. The load chain is grade 8 (80) ant corrosive though 10 (100) is available on request. Every hand chain hoist is tested to 1.5 time the SWL after assembly and we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to ensure a long life. We aim to be very competitive with our pricing for Hackett’s hand chain hoists and look forward to the possibility that we may receive your enquiry!

Kito Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Kito hand chain hoists are generally considered in the lifting industry at absolutely top of the range for quality. They are more expensive (as you may expect) though have an excellent reputation for reliability in the harshest of environments. The Kito high-class load chain with the breaking strength of 1000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2) which constitutes the main factor for reliable and safe operation and the dry type braking mechanism provides excellent performance. The braking system, which makes up heart of the hand chain hoists, is enclosed in a double covers: the wheel and the brake covers. These protective covers not only keep out weather but also help to prevent mud and dust from entering internal workings. Hand chain guide attached to the wheel cover provides durability and smooth operation of a hand chain on a hand chain wheel. The Kito hand chain hoists range Model M3 is available through LiftingSafety capacities from 0.5t to 50t. Lighter weight, higher efficiency and more compact size, these hoists are invaluable for all lifting applications. This successful design derives from the development by the KITO’s smallest yet ultra-strong link load chain.

LiftingSafety Hook Suspended Hand Chain Hoists (Block & Tackle)

LiftingSafety offer our high capacity hand chain hoist range for lifting equipment. Capacities from 30 tonne to 100 tonne and supplied with Grade 10 load chain as standard along with a braking system has double protective covers to prevent contamination to the brake disks. These are top quality lifting hoists manufactured for use in the most demanding of environments. Please note that hoists of this capacity are usually made to order and therefore enquiry early to avoid manufacturing delays.

Ingersoll Rand Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Ingersoll Rand offer in the UK through LiftingSafety two ranges of hand chain hoist. The SMB hand chain hoist and the Top of the range VL2 hand chain hoist. The SBM Silver series lifting blocks have a capacity range from 500kg to 5 tonne They meet ASME B30.16 Specifications and HST - 2M standards and have overload Protection to deter and reduce downtime and repair costs resulting from abuse. They are all steel, low headroom, light weight construction and have self-adjusting disc type double pawl mechanical load brake and hardened roller bearings for maximum efficiency and durability. Corrosion resistance is provided by 4 layer finish of nickel, copper, nickel, and chrome which results in a rugged and robust finish Ideal for the Rental and Construction markets. The Top Quality Ingersoll Rand VL2 Range of hand chain hoists has Premium alloy steel grade 100 load chain and "Accu-Feed" hand chain guide articulates for use and allows for operation from either side of the hoist resulting in the user being away from the load lifted. The Forged steel hooks with non-slip design have extra-wide throat openings for easy rigging and they are fitted with grade 10 (100) load chain. Needle bearings reduce friction and provide low hand chain pull. Basically both Ingersoll Rand’s range of hoists great quality though with slightly different features to meet the demands of our customers working environments.

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