High Quality Aluminium Scaffold Towers

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Lightweight Aluminium Scaffold Towers from Liftingsafety, Request a Discounted Quote Now!
High Quality Aluminium Scaffold Towers

High Quality Folding Scaffold Tower.

This is suitable for work both inside and outside. It is only available in single width up to 5.5m, although this item does have a folding base. This tower affords the user comfortable climbing, as the rungs have an anti-slip profile and a rung distance of 28 cm.

High Quality Scaffold Tower.

The Single rolling tower is available with a width of 0.75m and a length of 2.45m, whereas the double width rolling tower is 1.35m wide and 2.45m long. The scaffolds are equipped with platforms and blank, unprocessed wooden toe-boards.

High Quality Scaffold Tower.

These strong and durable towers help towards compliance with both HSE Good Working Practice & Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) and have a long guarantee. A risk assessment must be carried out for each installation and the user must be competently trained. This is available in either single or double width sizes.

High Quality Scaffold Tower.

The Stairway Tower is the ideal scaffold for working both safely and ergonomically at height. The stairways are specially designed to give easy access to the tower and be highly user-friendly when working with tools or other equipment. Available with either Fibre-deck or Wooden platforms.

Folding Scaffold Tower.

LiftingSafety offers this single-width folding tower which is highly suited to indoor work. It has a base measurement of 0.75 x 1.85m. This scaffold is particularly suitable for work in small spaces due to its dimensions, the fact that it folds, and is manoeuvrable. The fact that this single width folding tower frame has one ring less than the normal frames, means it can be moved through standard door openings whilst assembled.

Folding Double Scaffold Tower.

These platforms can be used as work floors, or be placed at different heights to be used as a workbench. Due to the telescopic parts the tower can be adjusted as desired for use with platforms and braces of 1.85m, 2.45m and 3.05m. When this is folded it can be moved through standard door frames.

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