Static / Fixed Scissor Lift Tables

Quick Ref: CN-1456
Static / Fixed Scissor Lift Tables

Pfaff standard lifting table. Universal hydraulic lifting tables for the lifting of heavy machines or machinery parts. Spacesaving pit installation along with extreme robustness, thanks to the use of wear resistant components.
Pfaff Proline HTA-X Silberblau Proline Variolift HTA-X PROLINE. This lifting table is unsurpassed in its versatility and robust configurations designed for the lifting of heavy loads to your individual requirements. Most comfortable/functional for static use, it is both highly efficient and suitable for long, continuous periods of use (30 cycles and 75 motor startups per hour in one-shift operation). With integrated pressure control valve to provide overload protection. For safe operation; the brake valve lets you adjust the lowering speed of the platform with extreme precision.
Pfaff-Silberblau HTA-T Proline lifting table. The versatile partner when lifting of heavyweight loads is required. Reliable in operation and especially stable in design, these platforms are designed for the easy handling of all items, including concentrated and unevenly-balanced loads.
The HTV-X Proline Is a space saving hydraulic loading platform. This robust equipment for the goods-handling industry is so tough that you can even drive a truck over it. This unit is the ideal firm and safe solution whenever extra convenience is required during effort-saving loading or unloading.
Pfaff-Silberblau HTF-XG low height lifting table. When the effort-saving lifting of heavyweight loads is the top requirement, the equipment needed is this extremely low design lifting table with its practical approach ramp that allows goods to roll conveniently right onto the platform.
Pfaff-Silberblau HTF-XE E-TYPE Silverline low height lifting table. When the lifting of loads has to be made as effortless as possible, then you need an ultralow-profile lifting table in an E-shape or U-shape.

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