Extension / Combination Ladders

Quick Ref: CN-518
A great range of extension ladders and combination ladders with various heights, styles and special features.
  • Can be used in on a multitude of professional / industrial applications
  • These ladders are high quality and can be used as a stepladder, combination ladder, or in the lean to wall position
  • Suitable for use on uneven surface


3 section ladder.

These competitively priced heavy duty ladders are of excellent quality, they are robust, rigid and very strong, but at the same time, light weight. This is thanks to their ribbed extruded aluminium construction, and advanced method of manufacture with automatic flanging. This can be utilised as a stepladder or combination ladder, with the third section serving only as a guardrail when the product is used as a stepladder.

3 section ladder.

This can be utilised as a stepladder with base stabiliser, a three part extension ladder, or a free standing combination ladder. These Heavy Duty ladders are strong, durable and highly usable, their aluminium construction means they are also light weight. They are competitively priced and come with a 5 year guarantee. This product has a load capacity of 150 kg, and conforms with the European Standard EN131. This is made of high quality ribbed extruded aluminium and manufactured with an automatic flanging method where the rungs are fixed to the ladder profiles with a "sandwich" system.

Fibreglass 3 section Combination Ladder.

This is a fibreglass insulated (to 100,000 volts) 3 section ladder. It can be used as a stepladder with base stabiliser, free standing combination ladder, and a 3 part extension ladder. (When used as a stepladder the third section serves only as a guardrail). Owing to the fibreglass frame it is suitable for work next to outlets, cables and sources of electrical energy. It is possible to use this product as an extended, leant to wall or frame ladder.

Two position ladder.

This relies on manual movement, it can be used as a stepladder or leant to a wall. This product is predominantly suited to domestic and DIY use. It benefits from aluminium construction, and has non-skid flanged rungs. This product has many safety features including fixed straps in order to stop unwanted ladder opening, it also has a device which helps to prevent the uncontrolled upward movement of the ladder sections. It has a maximum capacity of 150kg.

Three section ladder.

This sturdy ladder is made for intensive use. Available as an extension ladder and a combination ladder, a stabiliser provides extra stability on the 2 and 3 parts combination ladders. Unexpected sliding of the ladder is prevented by the automatic hook with safety catch. The extension of the Challenger is made easy using the rope extension system. The Challengers top rollers prevent damage to building facades and allow easy extension and retraction of the ladder (on the 3-part combination and rope operated models).

Multi Purpose Ladder.

This product is highly versatile, it can be used as a stepladder, extension ladder or a stairwell ladder. An easy to use sliding mechanism makes converting between uses quick and easy.

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