Eclipse Magnetics Battery Operated electropermanent Lifting Magnets

Quick Ref: CN-1788
Eclipse Magnetics Battery Operated electropermanent Lifting Magnets


Magnetic Battery Lifter. Combines the safety, convenience and flexibility of a permanent magnet lifter with the ease of operation of an electro-magnet.
The integral re-chargeable battery is used only to switch the lifter on and off. The lifting power is entirely provided by ‘rare earth' permanent magnets. Once the magnet is switched on, the load remains held even if the battery loses charge. No installation, no wires - simply hook to hoist or crane. Makes lifting heavy loads a fast, easy and safe one-man job. Allows more efficient storage and handling of materials as access is required only to the top face. A self-activating eye-switch can be used to activate and deactivate the lifter. The magnet switches on when placed on a load and off when the load is no longer supported by the magnet. This means the operator does not have to manually switch the magnet,

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