Camlok Rail Handling Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1755
Camlok Rail Handling Lifting Clamps

Multi Rail lifting grabs for handling from 3 to 12 rails (various size options). Recommended for use in pairs. Camlok Multi Rail Clamps are used for the fast bulk handling of a specific rail section. The section are locked into place with swivelling feet which locate under the rail-heads and top clamp body, that rotate, pressing a hard rubber lined beam onto the top of the rail head. The rubber lined contact beam prevents damage and marking to the rail heads. It is recommended that you use a pair of these clamps, at centres of 50 to 60% of rail length for rails of up to 20m long. For rails above 20m, three clamps at centre distance 65 to 75% of rail length must be used.
Camlok MRC series multi rail clamp for the handling of 3 to 12 rails. Camlok MRC Rail Grabs have been designed for the quick and simple bulk handling of ALL rail sections. The features of the MRC are similar to those of the MR, but this unit has the benefit of having interchangeable modular designed comb sections. Various Combs to suit specific rail sections may be combined with the same scissor mechanism. Alternative comb sections are to be requested on order.

An additional feature of the MRC is that it is possible to fit the grab with an automatic opening/closing device that automatically engages the rail when lifted from its resting position on top of the rails.

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