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Tractel Wire Ropes & Accessories for Use with Tractel Lifting and Pulling Machines

Model:  Tractel Wire Ropes / WRFT-3502

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Wire rope & accessories for use in Jockey, Tirfor, Minifor and Tirak machines from Tractel.

Tractel Wire Rope and Accessories

Wire Rope kits for use with Tractel lifting and pulling machines.

  • Jockey, Jockey J5.
  • Tirfor TU-8/T-508, TU-16/T-516, T35/TU-32/T-532.
  • Scarfor systems.
  • Minifor TR10/30/30S/50 (new models).
  • Minifor TR10/30 (older models).
  • Tirak X-Series, L-Series, T-Series.


Accessories for use with Tractel lifting and pulling machines.

  • Anchorage options.
  • Wire rope reelers including the coilamatic.
  • Pulleys and sheave blocks.
  • Wire rope grippers and strainers.

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