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Shearleg / Tripods available from 500kg to 3000kg up to 4 metre high. (and specials)

Model:  Camlok SL / ST-400

Camlok Tripod (Shearleg)
Shearleg Tripods
Tripod Feet Options
Feet Options
Tripod Type
Part N° WLL (kg) Height to eye (mm) Weight (kg) Total leg length (mm) Unit Price Quantity
SL 0.500/2
500 2000 24 2254 £  588.00
SL 1000/2
1000 2000 33 2276 £  613.00
SL 1000/3
1000 3000 44 3340 £  672.00
SL 1000/4
1000 4000 89 4411 £  719.00
SL 2000/3
2000 3000 71 3366 £  817.00
SL 2000/4
2000 4000 90 4430 £  918.00
SL 3000/3
3000 3000 88 3409 £  968.00
SL 3000/4
3000 4000 108 4473 £  1049.00
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Shearlegs / Tripods with a variety of feet options to suit most working environments including anti-sparking Atex tripods

Shearleg Tripod - ST400

Suspension of hand operated lifting mechanisms, chain blocks or pulleys are available and not supplied as standard. Comes complete with fitted safety chains and a large eyebolt.

The Camlok Shearlegs have been designed to be simple and easy to erect and operate. Each set of shearlegs are supplied, as standard, fitted with safety chains and a large eyebolt for the suspension of hand operated lifting mechanisms, chain blocks or pulleys.

Available with a variety of leg and feet options


  • Manufactured from steel tubes incorporating a plated top cap.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Designed to be easy to erect and operate.
  • Fitted with standard legs for hard ground. See (1) below. Other options available.
  • Anti sparking (spark proof) options available for use in Atex environments (example Zone 1 and Zone 2)
  • Painted as standard though also available from stainless steel for for production and offshore and corrosion resistant galvanized construction.

Feet Options

Standard Foot(1) Fitted as standard for hard ground e.g. concrete.
Flat Foot(2) Flat Foot for soft ground e.g. earth.
Rubber Lined Foot(3) Rubber Lined Foot for internal use.
Combined Foot(4) Combined Foot for hard or soft ground e.g. earth or concrete.

Leg Options

Dual Height(5)Duel Height supplied with 2 safety chains (max. split 2).
Split Leg(6) Split Leg for storage & transport (max. split 2).
Adjustable Legs(7) Adjustable Legs suitable for un-level ground, shallow slopes and slight inclines (max. adjustable height 500mm).


Model WLL (kg) Height to Eye (A) (mm) Leg Length (B) (mm) PCD (E) (mm) Weight (kg)
SL 0.500/2 500 2000 2254 1800 24
SL 1000/2 1000 2000 2276 1816 33
SL 1000/3 1000 3000 3340 2544 44
SL 1000/4 1000 4000 4411 3270 89
SL 2000/3 2000 3000 3366 2554 71
SL 2000/4 2000 4000 4430 3282 90
SL 3000/3 3000 3000 3409 2730 88
SL 3000/4 3000 4000 4473 3458 108
Shearleg Dimensions

ATEX requirement – Information

  • Extracts below from the European Commission Enterprise and Industry ATEX guidelines June 2009 section 5.2: Examples for equipment not covered by Directive 94/9/EC.
  • "In general, many simple mechanical products do not fall under the scope of Directive 94/9/EC as they do not have their own source of ignition." 
  • "Manufacturer will need to consider each item in turn with respect to potential ignition hazard"
  • "Other examples that in most cases have no potential ignition source are" "Equipment moved only by human power, a hand operated pump, hand powered lifting equipment, hand operated valves"

Do You Need Anti-sparking Features

Customer’s to specify their requirements. For tripods intended for use in potentially explosive areas / atmospheres such as Zone 1 or 2, SELS can include any anti-sparking features that our customers specify - this will increase its anti-sparking properties and therefore make the crane more suitable for use in a potentially explosive environment! (Important - SELS certificate will not supply an ATEX certificate or imply ATEX compliance. We offer anti sparking / spark proof features though acceptance of our specification is the customer’s responsibility based on their risk assessment!

Anti-sparking Features Available

  • Bronze coated load suspension point (or solid bronze hook)
  • Stainless steel pins with bronze sleeves
  • Bronze bushes and sheaves to pivot points
  • Anti-static rubber if needed on the feet
  • Stainless steel construction if required. 
  • Rubber or other soft lining to prevent “steel on steel” when used using telescopic legs
  • Any additional anti sparking features specified by the customers.....
SL (tripod).pdf

Operating Instructions

Complete Operating instructions for the Camlok SL lifting tripod
(approx. 0.3Mb)

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