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Rim Grip Drum Handler Fork Truck Attachment to Suit 1, 2 or 3 Drum lifting - Range from 750kg to 2250kg

Model:  RGDH-561

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Unit With Rubber Buffers
Standard Twin Drum Unit
Rim Grip Drum Handler Unit With Rubber Buffers Standard Twin Drum Unit
Part N° Max SWL Max Fork Size (mm) Fork Spread (mm) Load Centre (mm) C of G (mm) No. of Drums Drum Type Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
561-T12182 750kg 140 x 50 560 187 570 1 1, 2 75 £  570.00
561-T12183 1500kg 180 x 90 560 187 640 2 1, 2 98 £  795.00
561-T12184 2250kg 140 x 50 560 187 680 3 1, 2 121 Quote Required
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 50.00)
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Rim Grip Drum Handler with 1, 2 and 3 Drum Options.

Stainless Steel Rim-Grip Drum Handler In Use

750kg, 1500kg and 2250kg capacity options available

  • The drum handler to choose for handling drums packed tightly together
  • This model is available with a mild steel frame and a zinc plated head as standard, which is suitable for most applications.
  • It is also available manufactured completely from Stainless Steel, which makes it suitable for use in the food and drink processing industry.
  • Steel jaws grip the rim (chimb) of the drum, allowing the drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them.
  • Ideal for stuffing and de-stuffing containers and suitable for use on rough terrain.
  • May be used with 120 or 210 litre drums of steel, 'L' ring or 'XL' ring plastic types

Rubber Cushioned support base available. Suitable for all drums including fibreboard. Reduces damage to drums. Additional cost for each drum handled.

Drum Types

Drum Types

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