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Protecta AM201 Removable Eye Bolt Anchorage Point Use With Pre Drilled Holes 20 - 22mm Diameter.

Model:  AM201 / REB-2970

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Protecta AM201 Removable Eye Bolt Anchorage Point
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Protecta Manuclave Mobile Eye Bolt

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This anchorage point is designed to be fitted into a pre-drilled hole on an existing steel structure to provide an anchorage point. It can then be removed after use and used elsewhere.


    • Material treated steel
    • Use vertical or horizontal
    • strength > 20 kN
    • hole diameter: 20 to 22 mm
    • inner eye diameter: 35 mm
    • vertical structure thickness, minimal thickness structure: 35 mm, maximum thickness 40 mm
    • horizontal structure thickness, minimum thickness 5 mm, maximum thickness 40 mm
    •  weight 0.65 Kg


  • complies with standards: CE0086, EN795 Class B, 0082/037/160/09/96/0200



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