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Hoisting Wheelbarrow, Lifting Hoist Mounted, 146kg capacity

Model:  HW-499

Hoisting Wheelbarrow
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Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow

The 146kg Capacity Hoisting Wheelbarrow has been discontinued, there is a 200kg capacity model available here


  • 1398mm from the wheel guard to the handles (down)
  • 1232mm from floor to handles for vertical lift
  • 934mm from the tip of the barrow to the back locking pegs.
  • Max lifts 146kg

More Information

This versatile wheelbarrow solves the problem of having to use fiddly chains when lifting wheelbarrows.

By simply unlocking two catches and rotating the handles upwards the hoist - barrow can be quickly and safely lifted without the need for chains or slings, once the hoist - barrow reaches its destination the handles are quickly lowered back into position allowing a more rapid turn-around than conventional barrows.

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