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LiftingSafety Telescopic Extension Rescue Pole for Remote - Distance Connection to a Fallen Casualty

Model:  ERP-2322

Part N° Extends to (m) Compresses to (m) Weight (kg) Size Guide Price Quantity
2322-T23533 2.74 0.69 0.44 Compact Quote Required
2322-T23534 3.66 0.83 0.534 Standard Quote Required
2322-T23535 4.57 1.143 0.686 Long Quote Required
2322-T23536 5.49 1.18 0.742 Extra-Long Quote Required
2322-T23537 2.85 0.54 0.678 Portable Quote Required
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Extendable, Remote Casualty Emergency Rescue Pole For Falls From Height.

Rescue pole end fitting for product

Telescopic poles complete with anatomical head unit designed specifically to operate with double and triple locking Karabiners for remote clipping of load bearing attachment points (most commonly harness D rings and eye bolts) in safe working at height, fall arrest and rescue situations

Practical   function training essential for any relevant scenarios & operatives

This is an extendable rescue pole for attaching an emergency rescue device such as the Troll AG10 rescue descender (1017008) or the Miller casualty pulley (1017042) to raise or lower a casualty to the ground.

The Pole comes in 6(2.74m-5.49m) or 8(2.85m) telescopic sections.


Sample Procedure for Rescue:

  • The karabiner, which is connected to the rope of the rescue device is fitted in place at the end of the pole with a metal clip.
  • The rescuer then extends the pole and clips it into the same harness ring the existing lanyard is attached to.
  • With a sharp pull the metal cliip releases leaving the casualty attached to the rescue rope.
  • The casualty is then is either raised or the existing lanyard is either released or cut and the casualty is lowered to the ground using the rescue device.
  • Quick, simple and excellent value for money

In telescopic rescue pole extended closed

Technical Specifications

Part N° Extends to (m) Compresses to (m) Weight (kg) Size All Models Horiz
2322-T22200 2.74 0.69 0.44 Compact
2322-T22201 3.66 0.83 0.534 Standard
2322-T22202 4.57 1.143 0.686 Long
2322-T22203 5.49 1.18 0.742 Extra-Long
2322-T22204 2.85 0.54 0.678



Karabiner Carrycase
Karabiner Carry Case

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