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Telescopic Counterbalanced Floor Crane With Electric Powered Lift and Long Reach. Lightweight and Compact - 1080kg

Model:  EPLT-3559

Max Boom Length

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Powered floor crane with 6 metre telescopic boom reach.

The unique feature of this SELS telescopic floor crane is the ability to provide a rigging solution in remote 'difficult to access' areas and environments due to is small, compact and very portable design. The crane enables a rigger to position the lifting hook 'above a lift' in very confined and tight working areas. We offer great versatility at a competitive price.

Our smart, portable crane is designed to lift and lower the load by using a combination of hydraulics and electric wire rope hoist. For effortless raising of the boom we provide a push button controlled electro-hydraulic cylinder; a quick and efficient way to lift the load to a desired height, eliminating any manual handling. Mounted on the underside of the crane boom is a wire rope lifting hoist; the rope is reeved along the length of the boom; thus proving a lifting hook at the end of the boom that can also then be used to raise and lower a load.

The wire rope hoist is fitted with a 15 metre cable (longer lengths on request) providing the crane with the means to lift from beneath the surface, for example pumps from sumps or wet wells or cantilevered over a balcony or over the edge of a balcony or the side of a building!
We market our crane to all potential users where production or emergency downtime is costly, users who where safety comes first and those who simply do not have a cost effective practicable alternative - one may not exist! for example offshore oil and gas and the Armed Forces (military engineering)

Compact - Stored Working Through a Doorway

Extended to Maximum Height (at 75°)

Simple Set-up

Stage 1

CompactThis illustrates how compact the crane is for transporting to the working area. The boom and the ballast weight (water tank) are retracted and the forward facing stability legs folded back on hinges. Dependant on reach needed and weight to be lifted lifted the front legs and counterweight need to be adjusted according to the use manual.
Setup Stage 1

Stage 2

The crane operator then manually extends the telescopic boom sections desired length. Only a single extension is deployed here. Please note that the counterweight is manually extended backwards and front legs swung forward.
Counterweight ExtendedSetup Stage 2

Stage 3

Using the hydraulic lifting cylinder the operator then raises the boom and the load to the desired height or for alternative rigging applications simply raises the boom above the item to be lifted, then using the wire rope hoist to lift and lower the load.
Full Reach and Counterweight OutSetup Stage 3

Stage 4

This illustration demonstrates that the hook can now be raised and lowered by using the remote controlled wire rope lifting hoist while the telescopic boom stays at a fixed height - This method may be used to reach into a tight space, lift the load then pull back the entire crane before lowering the hook with the load. Also used for cantilever lifts such as off a roof, over the edge of a building
Extended and RaisedSetup Stage 4

Technical Specifications

  • Fully CE certified with EC Declaration of conformity.
  • Weight: 658kg (1,450 lbs.)
  • Crane weight when water tank is filled with 47 gallons (178 litres): 839kg (1,850 lbs.)
  • Alternatives to using water in the tank: sand, cement.
  • Max load capacity: 1080kg (2,400 lbs) - see load chart (dependant on height and reach)
  • Remote controlled wire rope hoist rated at 1360kg (3,000 lb.)
  • 15.25m (50 ft.) cable with brake and hook attachment (longer cables available)
  • Can raise/lower a load 2 ways, following the weight capacity load chart.
    1. Raise/lower load with boom in position winching up and down with cable.
    2. Raise/lower boom with hydraulic remote with load hooked up.
  • Hydraulic jack operates boom lift. Operates by hand controls
  • Two 6 volt batteries, 37 hours of use
  • Wheels: 8 in. polyurethane on iron
  • Counterweight system: water-tank (180kg) 400 lbs. capacity
  • Hook height: 5.56 metres (18’ 3”) - 18ft boom, 6.1m - 20ft boom
  • Standard boom length: 5.5m (18’), 6.1m (20’) boom optional.
  • Magnetic degree finder located on side of boom for set-ups (see load chart)
  • Steering: 2 back wheels connected to handle on top of water tank
  • Tilt sensor alarm
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts & manufacturing welds/defects
  • Winch speed: 9.5 ft per minute (FPM)
  • Time to raise hydraulic boom minus load: 15 seconds
  • Diameter of cable: 3/16 inch

Main Features

  • Max boom height: 6.1 metres (20 ft)
  • Max load: 1080kg (2400 lbs)
  • Pick & Carry Ability - move under load
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Battery powered (mobile)
  • Remote controlled wire rope hoist
  • Fits through 36 in. (914mm) doorways
  • Small enough to fit inside an elevator
  • Works where forklifts & hoists can't
  • Easy to operate & maneuver
  • Tilt sensor alarm
  • Brake on steer wheels
  • Water tank Counterweight
  • Pulling applications
  • Produces no smoke, requires no fuel.
  • No noise. No pollution.
  • Easily transportable
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for export
  • Powder coated protection
  • Meets ANSI Z.535.

About this Revolutionary Crane

Rooftop Raising

Working Through Door WayMost Portable floor cranes or compact shop cranes are limited in their lifting ability because they do not have a telescopic boom; it is this that means our crane can lift materials at heights of up to 6 metre or pick & carry equipment between working areas. Our extraordinary crane is compact for transportation though soon transforms in to a very capable crane with great reach and capacity.

This portable telescopic floor crane can be set-up / used indoors or outdoors and on most surfaces by using specialized crane mats, These mats make it possible to use the crane on softer ground such as gravel, soil or grass and have successfully been used in grave yards for lifting and gravestones.

Larger construction cranes can't fit through a residential or commercial 36" standard doorways or be disassembled to store / be transported by vehicle. Our telescopic crane is versatile making for easy, quick rigging where other materials handling equipment or lifting products can't be used because of size or cost. Being battery powered means very little noise, no pollution and allows complete mobility, unlike mains powered, petrol or diesel cranes. Our crane can rotate or swivel utilizing rear steering wheels.

Dual batteries allow complete mobility with up to 37 hours use between charges.

Limitless uses

We consider this to be a multiple application crane and is extremely versatility - the crane can successfully be used to lifting and lowering; to drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, hold and set loads in most any situation and environments, interior or exterior.

A highly versatile crane, it is widely used within the glass lifting and installation industry, also including the installation of architectural glass, due to its unique reach capability.

Compact Lightweight Design

Our floor crane is extremely compact for transportation, a key design feature being that the crane is small enough to fit through a 36in doorway and can easily be moved around most work places; it fits in to a small van or pick-up truck and can be transported through tight spaces or successfully operate in confined spaces.

Unlike traditional floor cranes 'counter weight' is provided by a water tank at the rear of the crane! This means that the water can be emptied for transport making the crane much lighter. The front legs fold backwards making the crane shorter when moved between jobs. To make the crane easier to handle the chassis is a telescopic design; IE, when the crane has been maneuvered to the rigging area the 'watertank' (counterweight section) extends by sliding back, thus increasing the chassis length. This has two advantages; a shorter chassis and less counterweight making the crane much more maneuverable and lighter weight. A short chassis that weighs less is easier to move around the workplace, to put on a vehicle and cheaper to export / import between countries.

Dual batteries allow complete mobility with up to 37 hours use between charges..

Industry Sectors

Ideal cranes for use construction, manufacturing and maintenance, especially in hard to reach areas that have restricted access. The narrow design of a compact telescopic allows access to areas that can not be reached by a fork lift truck or traditional mobile crane.

Our solution to your portable rigging needs is a compact crane system which can be operated by one man and provides a safe method of lifting. Having the right lifting solution can lead to greater productivity efficiency and profitability. Our main target customer is the armed forces, for used by the military the world over by engineers in the Army, Navy and the Royal Air force.

We manufacture and distribute quality lifting cranes for all industries including:

  • Military, Army, Navy and RAF
  • Utility companies - water, gas and telecoms.
  • Water treatment plants and sewerage works
  • Factories
  • Disaster deployment operations
  • Mining
  • Cement plants
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • General construction
  • Steel handling and stock holding.
  • General maintenance
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Refrigeration
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robotics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Recycling
  • Glazing - glass installation
  • Road and Rail
  • Stone Masons
  • Solar installation
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil refineries
  • Offshore Oil and gas
  • Aviation industry - Airlines and airplane manufacturing
  • Ship building  plants
  • Ports, marinas and Dockyards

Upon special request: This crane can be provided with zinc phosphate coated nuts, bolts, pins and grit blast white metal prior to powder-coating to ensure no oxidation.

Glass Lifting Applications

Glass Lifting Glass Lifting Glass Lifting Glass Lifting

Glass Lifting Close UpGlass Lifting Close Up

Video Demonstration


Load Chart and Reach Diagram

Load and Reach Chart

Dimensional Specifications

Compact - Stored
Electric Powered Lift Telescopic Floor Crane
Dimensional Drawing

User Manual

Full user manual for the ELPT-3559 Telescopic Floor Crane
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