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Camlok "CLT" Container Top Lifting Lugs, Eye Fittings - 56,000kg

Model:  Camlok CLT / CLL-387

Container Lifting Lug 3D Image
Camlok CLT Container Top Lifting Lugs, Eye Fittings
Unit Price £ 497.00  

Top Container Lifting Eyes (set x4).

Load Diagram
Container Lifting Lug 3D Image


  • Self locking and suitable for shackling direct to 4 vertical slings.
  • ISO Container (International Organization for Standardization)
  • For use with a spreader beam, do not project over container.


  1. Lug is offered up to slot.
  2. Lug is entered into slot.
  3. Lug is turned through 90 degrees to position.
  4. Press down latch fully.
  5. Lug is now in lifting position.

Technical Information

Model Type of Lift WLL (Per Set of 4) Chain Angle Weight (Per Set of 4) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm)
CLT 56 Top Lift 56 tonnes Vertical 28kg 123 217 45 dia. 39 57 101 121

Technical Dimensions for the Camlok CLT Container Lifting Lugs

Load Positions

2: top side.
2: top only.

For maximum load capacity a lifting frame can be used with the lugs attached as above.

Un-Safe Positions




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