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Camlok BTG Concrete Pipe Clamps - Range 1500kg or 3000kg

Model:  Camlok BTG / CPC-366

Camlok BTG Concrete Pipe Clamps - 1500kg to 3000kg
Part N° Model WLL (Per Set of 3) Jaw Capacity (mm) Weight (Per Set of 3, c/w chains) Unit Price Quantity
366-T12650 BTG 1500/3 1500kg 40-120 34kg Quote Required
366-T12651 BTG 3000/3 3000kg 50-180 60kg Quote Required
366-T12652 BTG 3000L/3 3000kg 90-220 78kg Quote Required
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Camlok Concrete Pipe Lifting Clamps.

1500kg to 3000kg SWL (safe working load) capacity options are available.

  • The BTG concrete pipe clamp is designed to vertically lift and position concrete manhole pipes.
  • The clamps can be adjusted to different wall thicknesses using the adjusting pin and the holes inside the clamping arm.
  • The clamps can be used in pairs with 2 leg chain slings or with 3 clamps and a 3 leg chain sling for larger diameters, providing they are attached in a way that the load is evenly distributed.
  • Use of the BTG clamp enables the manhole trench size to be minimized and facilitates accurate pipe positioning.
  • The included angle of the load chain should not exceed a maximum of 90 degrees

Helpful Hint

Tie a light rope to the handle to aid in the removal of clamps from deep well

Camlok BTG Concrete Pipe Clamp Specification

BTG 1500/3, BTG 3000/3 and BTG 3000L/3 Consist of 3 clamps and chain sling to suit 2m max diameter pipe.

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