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Miller "ML03" Aluminium Triple Action Twistlock Karabiner. Breaking Strength 28kN. (Pack x 10) H 116mm x W 78mm x 12mm Thick. Gate Opening - 23mm

Model:  Miller ML03 / 2ATK-2615

Miller ML03 23mm Alloy Twistlock Karabnier
Miller ML03 Aluminium Triple Action Twistlock Karabiner 23mm Gate Opening
Guide Price £ 224.60  

Light Alloy, Triple Action Twistlock Karabiner with 23mm Opening in packs of ten.

  • Miller ML03 23mm Alloy Twistlock Karabnier
    Light alloy connector with keylock, delivered in a mix of three colours 
  • Length: 116 mm
  • Width: 78 mm
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Opening: 23 mm
  • Breaking Strength: >28kN
  • Weight: 0.076kg
  • European Directives: 89/686/EEC
  • EC Category PPE: Class 3
  • Standards: EN362
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000
  • EC Attestation Number: P5/98/01/23385/050
  • Laboratory: TUV
In packs of ten

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