William Hackett Hand Chain Hoists Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Quick Ref: CN-1774

William Hachetts have been professional supplies for lifting equipment for well over a decade, one of their main lifting equipment range of products is the Hackett habd chain hoist avaliable here hook suspended up from 500kg capacity all the way to 20 tonne. Hackett’s hook suspended hand chain Hoist are a lightweight, compact and robust design with cast steel 'ribbed' safety catches. They feature Galvanised hand chain c/w unique chain joiner and Twin pawl mechanism. The load chain is grade 8 (80) ant corrosive though 10 (100) is available on request. Every hand chain hoist is tested to 1.5 time the SWL after assembly and we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to ensure a long life. We aim to be very competitive with our pricing for Hackett’s hand chain hoists and look forward to the possibility that we may receive your enquiry!

William Hackett Hand Chain Hoists Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Hacketts hook suspended hand chain Hoist.

These Chain blocks Have a galvanised hand chain unique chain joiner. Available in sizes 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 10,000kg, and 20,000kg.

Anti corrosive finish on grade 8 chain, Optimised for strength and wear resistance. Each block is individually tested to 1.5 times SWL

Comprehensive spare parts available from stock

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