SALA EN360 and/or EN341 Automatic Descender Blocks

Quick Ref: CN-1575
SALA EN360 and/or EN341 Automatic Descender Blocks

Retractable (Self retracting) Lifeline (SRL) with Rescue Device, 15m rope length steel or galvanised. EN360 (fall arrest) and EN341 (Auto descent) Exclusive design provides both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self rescue for ultimate versatility. When in Fall arrest mode, the Unit stops falls within few decimetres and limits the forces to 6kN for less for added safety. Features Assisted rescue procedures can then be implemented either at the mode selector or remotely with a First-Man-Up™ pole. Self rescue mode automatically lowers the user to the next level after a fall. Lightweight and long lasting durable reinforced plastic housing. Incorporates a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation. 15 m cable extends and retracts automatically enabling the user to move around the work area protected. i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System is built-into every unit to track inspections, control inventory and manage information. Designed to meet worldwide standards including CE EN360 and EN341.
15m Fall arrest self retracting lifeline (SRL) with built in auto descender. EN360 (fall arrest) and EN341 (Auto descent) In the event of a fall, the descender function is automatically triggered after just a few centimetres of descent. The device then functions as a powerful restraint force, like an automatic descender or an evacuation tool. The person connected is then lowered automatically at a constant speed (from 1.5 to 2m/s) to the ground. Unlike descenders or evacuation devices, the tension of the retraction spring is that of a normal fall arrest block relight. This allows the user to easily work unhindered; the cable accompanies his movements whilst maintaining a slight tension. Technical features - Housing: cast aluminium. Housing cover: stainless steel. Handle: stainless steel. Hardware: stainless steel. Retraction spring: carbon steel (100% protected from the elements). 5mm diameter cable: galvanized, construction 7x19. Available as 15m only.

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