Ridgegear Synthetic Ropes and Achorage Lines

Quick Ref: CN-1696
Ridgegear Synthetic Ropes and Achorage Lines

Ridgegear kermantle 11mm double twisted cabled yarns

The RGA12R is supplied in three standard lengths - 10m , 20m , and 30m but other lengths available upon request. The rope core is made of double twisted cabled yarns, which are possessed in several work processes that are coordinated with each other.

Ridgegear 16mm nylon rope with twin eye end fittings

The RGA16E is supplied in 3 standard lengths 10, 20 and 30m, however custom lengths can be made up to suit the client's application. The RGA16E is used in conjunction with the RGA10 rope grab to provide vertical, or near vertical fall protection. The RGA16E is fitted with a spliced eye on both ends and is fitted with nylon thimbles. The hawser laid construction of the nylon rope, provides good shock absorption qualities and offers some resistance to alkali, oils and organic solvents.

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