LiftingSafety Automatic Lift and Release Hooks

Quick Ref: CN-1880
LiftingSafety Automatic Lift and Release Hooks

Drop Test Clamp designed to release a load in a controlled and safe manner.

This drop test clamp can be used to drop loads weighing from 1 tonne up to 25 tonnes. The load is attached to the clamp by a master link. The clamp has an interlock system that will prevent accidental release of the load if one of the release rope is snagged during the lifting phase of the operation.

This clamp is designed to release a load weighing up to 25000kg in a controlled and safe manner.

Remote release hook for the lifting, positioning and releasing a load without the need for a person to climb on to a load to release the hook
Magnetic remote controlled automatic hook system.

The automatic hooking system from LiftingSafety is much more than a remote release hook. Using the new and patented automatic hook and it's accessories, you will pick up and release loads remotely, avoiding and handling and travelling. The system brings you the safest and most productive working method ever.

Safe Working Load 5 tonnes, 5000 kg.

Manual, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Stainless Steel, Corrosion resistant SubSea Auto Remote Release Offshore Clamp
Gravitational Release Mechanism, No access to Hook Required The LiftingSafety "AutoHook" Gravitational Release Hook is used when access to the load is difficult or dangerous for the operator, The AutoHook can be guided by its handle for positioning, once complete the operator can leave the area and perform the lifting/loading duty remotely.

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